Mabel Wilson Richards Scholarship

The Mabel Wilson Richards Scholarship Fund was created by the will of the late Mabel Wilson Richards and by a court decree construing it. By the terms of the will, the income from the trust assets may be used only to provide financial assistance for the education of worthy and needy women who reside in the City of Los Angeles, California, or in one of the cities described in the attached list. No student shall consider that this scholarship is granted until formal reply is made by the trustees, following the recommendation made
by the college.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Educational Information (List all of your educational experience to date.)
    • 1. Name of High School or College
    • 2. Dates attended
    • 3. Graduation Date
    • 4. Degree(s) Earned
    • 5. GPA
  2. Your classification during the semester(s) for which financial assistance is requested?
    • Please choose one:
  3. Your expected degree and date of graduation:
  4. Your present Major:
  5. Permanent Address
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