Academic Achievement Award

The Academic Achievement Award (AAA) provides a tuition benefit to students who are pursuing multiple undergraduate degree objectives, have at least sophomore standing, and have earned a cumulative USC GPA of at least 3.750. AAA allows Fall or Spring registration of up to 21 units at the standard full-time tuition rate.

The purpose of the award is to allow highly motivated students with excellent academic records to complete multiple undergraduate degree objectives without adding to their time-to-degree.

In order to receive the Academic Achievement Award for any given Fall or Spring semester, you must:

  1. be an undergraduate student
  2. have officially declared a double major, a double degree, or a major-minor combination
  3. have earned a cumulative USC GPA of at least 3.750 based on the completion of at least 24.0 USC units (12.0 USC units for transfer students)
  4. demonstrate that the additional tuition units will contribute to the completion of multiple undergraduate degree objectives

Additional Guidelines

  • All enrolled courses must fulfill major, minor, or GE requirements. See Special Courses for exceptions.
  • Students must upload a current Academic Course Plan, developed and approved by their major program academic advisor to demonstrate feasibility of completing multiple degree objectives.
  • Students must be officially enrolled in all proposed courses at time of application. If enrollment requires special clearance, students can provide faculty or advisor documentation indicating their acceptance into the course (e.g. Maymester).
  • Courses must be taken for Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass. Courses cannot be audited.
  • Progressive Degree applicants pursuing graduate level coursework must demonstrate the course can be applied to undergraduate degree requirements and must retain undergraduate status.
  • complete the online application

June 1, 2020: Fall 2020 AAA Application opens

July 5, 2020: Fall 2020 AAA Early Deadline
Students should only apply by the Early Deadline if they have already enrolled in over 18 units and billed for additional tuition by this date. Students who apply by the Early Deadline will be notified of their award status and have their student accounts credited before the August payment deadline.

August 28, 2020: Spring 2020 AAA Final Deadline
Applicants submitting from July 6- August 28, 2020 are notified on a rolling basis until the Fall Week 3 Add/Drop deadline. These applicants may need to pay for additional units upfront until tuition credit can be applied to their student account.

Supplemental Questions
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    • Units
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  4. Course #3
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