USC Out of State Student Health Insurance Grant - 1 Term

Out of State students attending USC who are covered by a state funded health plan that offers only emergency services while in California, may be eligible for a grant to pay for their USC Student Health Insurance (SHI) charges for one term. This award will be applied as a credit to your student billing account to pay applicable SHI charges and is not refundable.

To apply, simply submit the SHI Fee Waiver by the deadline date ( Eligibility: Domestic undergraduate financial aid recipients attending classes on campus with demonstrated need. For further information and questions about student health insurance or billing, contact the Student Insurance Office. You may dial through the main USC Student Health line at 213-740-0551 or email the office directly at

Funding for this grant is limited. Selection of recipients will be based on financial need. If you are selected, the grant amount will cover to up to one term of SHI charges.
Scholarships are contingent on enrollment in fall/spring term only. If a student is no longer enrolled in coursework after the applicable term’s add/drop, the scholarship will be removed.
Dependent on circumstances, recipients of the grant may request a one term extension by contacting the financial aid office via email at

For more information about what the USC Student Health Insurance covers, please visit: