Exceptional Funding

Exceptional Funding is available to Trustee, Presidential, Mork and Stamps Scholars to use towards tuition for enrollment above 18 units for fall and spring, and for summer coursework. Merit scholars may request up to 8 units any given semester (courses may not be audited). Once you have completed 8 semesters at USC, you are no longer eligible for exceptional funding. See our website for more details on policy for use of Exceptional Funding.

Applicants must have:

  • cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • completed at least 15 units per Fall and Spring semesters or 30 units total for the prior academic year
  • completed at least one semester at USC before the start of the semester for which funding is requested

Presidential Scholars are credited 50% of the tuition for additional units. Trustee, Mork and Stamps are credited 100% of the tuition for additional units. Make sure to pay any other fees not associated with your tuition before the billing deadline.


March 9, 2020: Summer 2020 Application Open

April 1, 2020: Summer 2020 Priority Deadline
Information will be sent to Financial Aid within one week of approval.

June 15, 2020: Summer 2020 Final Deadline
Approvals occur on a rolling basis through the Add/Drop deadline. Students may need to pay for additional units up front and receive Exceptional Funding as a reimbursement.

If approved, students must withdraw from the course before “Last Day to Receive a Refund” posted in the Schedule of Classes under Session Codes to drop the course without forfeiting Exceptional Funding units.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Request Type
  2. Merit Scholarship Type
  3. Total Summer Units Registered
  4. Units of Exceptional Funding Remaining
    • Have you received Exceptional Funding before?
    • If yes, how many Exceptional Funding units have you received and during which term(s)?
  5. How many units of funding are you requesting?
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