Norman Topping Student Aid Fund - 2020 Summer Tuition

This opportunity is only for current and active Topping Scholars/Fellows
The Norman Topping Student Aid Fund offers supplemental scholarships to entering freshmen, transfer and graduate students based on the individual USC Financial Aid package. Topping Scholars have access to the Exceptional Funding (EF) Program. The purpose of the program is to provide financial assistance to Topping Scholars as they advance in their chosen field of study. The EF program encourages Scholars to take full advantage of university sponsored opportunities to enhance their higher education experience.

2020 Summer Tuition

  • Eligibility maximum: Four (4) units during tenure at USC.

Completed Summer Tuition applications must be submitted via the online database by March 6, 2020 by 5pm. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted, no exceptions.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list the course number and title for which you are requesting funding: (ex. POSC 220g: Critical Issues in American Politics)
  2. Total number of summer tuition units requested (4 units max):
  3. The above course will fulfill:
  4. Please explain why you are requesting a summer course(s). Describe in detail your academic goals and how funding for the requested course(s) will support these goals.
  5. Academic Advisor Certification: Please make sure the following information about your academic advisor is correct. An email will be sent to your advisor to complete an Academic Certification form that supports your statement. It is your responsibility that the contact information provided is accurate. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. It is your responsibility to ensure that your advisor is aware that you intend to take a summer course.
    • Advisor's Contact Information
    • Advisor's Department